Dr. Enrique Garza Gutiérrez

Founder of Herbax Global Enterprise

He has dedicated his life to herbal research, focusing on the development of formulas that enhance well-being and health through the synergistic union of natural elements, being recognized with multiple awards that reflect his effort and knowledge.


Enrique Garza Naranjo

Founder and CEO of Herbax Global Enterprise

Focused on the business, Engineer. Enrique Garza Naranjo has dedicated himself to developing the most competitive Business Plan in the market, ensuring that the project started by thousands of Herbax Partners is a path to success.



“Get up, day after day with a fighting spirit, Herbax lends you a hand to achieve all your purposes”.

Dr. Enrique Garza Gutiérrez, Founder of Herbax Global Enterprise
“We all seek abundance and fulfillment, but hardly anyone knows how to obtain them. Herbax gives you a simple formula to help you achieve success and a fulfilling life.”
Enrique Garza Naranjo, Founder and Executive President Herbax Global Enterprise


Our products are backed by a Scientific Council that guarantees their highest quality. They are approved by recognized research organizations and are made with ingredients with exclusive processes that enhance the performance of our formulas.


Herbax provides you with the opportunity to boost and grow your business with courses and tools for the development of your skills through:

  • Training courses.
  • Training tools.
  • Weekly information and news to boost your business.